4K Broadband (Letv)
4K Broadband (Letv)

4K Broadband (Letv)

3Home​​ Broadband  launch Hong Kong’s first 4K home broadband, with digital device and entertainment content - a breakthrough for the local TV scene in the ultra-HD era!

4K Broadband (Letv) Monthly Service Plan​

​Home Broadband 1​ ​Miniumum Subscription Period​​​​​Router 4,5​ Aver​age Monthl​y Fee
After Discount 2,3
​ ​1​G​ 30​months​​​ D​-Link ​​Wireless Cloud Router DIR-818L
D​-Link ​​Wireless Cloud Router DIR-850L
D-Link Wireless Cloud Router DIR-605L 
D-Link Wireless Cloud Router DIR-605L
​​  $​​229
  • Free 100 mins hgc on air out-of-home Wi-Fi Service per month for 30-month​ ​6​
  • Installation fee wavier ​7

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