Super Wi-Fi Solution Service Plan Terms
Super Wi-Fi Solution

Super Wi-Fi Solution

​Enjoy up to 1GB free 3HK mobile local data usage which applies to any 3HK 3G/4G mobile number!​

Super Wi-Fi Solution Monthly Service Plan​

Home Broadband ​​1,2​​Minimum Subscription Period​​Free 30-months
local mobile data 4,5,6,7
Monthly Fee 2,3
1G 3​0months​ 1GB ​per month $189
500M​ 30months​​ 500MB per month​ $179
100M​​30months​20​0M​​B per month$149

 Extra Offer:

  • Installation fee waiver
  • 30-months free hgc on air out-of-home Wi-Fi Service 100 mins 8

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