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General Enquiries

Q1. What are the application procedures and service charges for HGC services?

For application procedures and service charges, please visit or call our 24-Hour 3Sales Hotline 3166 2222, our customer service team will be happy to provide in full details.

Q2. I am a Hutchison customer using your IDD/ mobile/other services. If I sign up for 3Home Broadband service as well, will there be any special offers or discounts?

Currently we are providing various offer packages for customers. Please call our 24-Hour 3Sales Hotline 3166 2222 for details.

Q3. By what channels I can receive the bill statement?

Customers may choose to receive their bills for free via email or view their bills via e-account in HK$10 will be charged for each paper bill by post. To register or update your bill checking and delivering methods, please login to e-account > bill management section for detail.

Q4. May I check the bill statement online?
Customer may manage and check their bill payments of the recent 6 months by login to e-account via . To register e-account service, please enter the website now.

Q5. What is the meaning of "CR" in Total Amount Due section in invoice.

It indicates that customer still has cash surplus in the account and he/she is not necessary to settle any payment.

Q6. Is there any charge for paper bill statement by post?

There will be HK$10 for every paper bill statement by post.

Q7. When will be the effective date after the auto-pay application?

After application of credit card auto-pay, the earliest effective date will start from the next bill cycle.
For Customers who request to pay the bill via bank account, they are required to submit “ Direct Debit Authorisation ” to the appointed bank in person and the application will be effective in around 4 to 6 weeks. Please click “ Credit Card Auto-pay ” or “ Bank Account Auto-pay ” to download the form.

Q8. How to make a payment?

Please visit 「 Customer Service 」 > 「 Payment Methods 」 for detail

Q9. What is "e-account"?

“e-account” is an easy and simple way for our customers to manage various on-line services, such as:
Access and manage eBills, where you can:
- Check bills and payment history of the recent 6 months through the Internet
- Manage bills of different products with one single login
- Retrieve call details and call history such as IDD calls
- Settel the payment
- Update bill checking & delivering methods
View, check or update Account and Service Profile through e-account anytime, anywhere
Access to various on-line services with a single login name
Please enter to register e-account service now.

Q10. How to register e-account?

To register e-account, Please visit , click “register now”, follow the instructions and finish the registration process. If you are existing broadband customers, you may use your broadband email address and password to login the service.

Installation Enquiries
Q1. Is there a need to install a telephone socket?
Yes, you will need an appropriate socket to gain access to the service. However you do not need to worry about this as our installation team will take care of the matter for you.
Q2. Will Hutchison Global Communications install concealed wire for me?
We will attempt to use concealed wire if possible. If condition does not allow, we will install the exposed wire with the least exposure.
Q3. What is the lead time from service application to installation?
It depends on the location, please call our 24-Hour Sales Hotline 3166 2222 for details.
Q4. How long will it take to install?
Normally, installation both of the service and the appropriate socket will take around two hours.
Q5. Are there any PC requirement for the installation of RBS? Also, will I need any extra equipment or supplementary accessory?

We do suggest that your minimum PC configuration consist of:
(i) Non FTTH
•  Intel 1.6GHz CPU, 
•  512MB system memory,
•  Windows XP/Vista/7, and
•  100M Ethernet card
(ii) FTTH
•  Intel Core2 Duo P8800 CPU,
•  2GB system memory,
•  Windows XP/ Vista / 7,
•  64GB SATA II SSD (speed for writing and reading > 200MB/s),
•  1000M Ethernet Card; or Other system requirements as recommended by HGC from time to time.

Q6. Can I use Hutchison Global Communication Residential Broadband Services with my notebook computer?
Q7. If installation fails, will any charge be incurred?
No, there will be no charge if the installation is not successful.
Q8. Will the quality of my Residential Telephone Services be affected by the installation of Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Services?
No. As Residential Broadband Services utilizes a separate line, your existing Residential Telephone Services will not be affected.
Q9. We currently use 56K dial-up service. Do we have to terminate our dial-up service to subscribe to RBS?
That isn't necessary. We install a dedicated line for RBS so it doesn't affect dial-up customers in any way.
Q10. Do you monitor the total usage of individual user? Does this service incur any extra charge?
Unfortunately, no such service is available at the present moment. We will certainly be notifying our customers as and when it becomes available.
Technical Enquiries
Q1. Our company is not using Windows? Can we subscribe to your service?
While we do advise the use of Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT 4.0 / XP / 2000 and Mac OS 9 or above (Chinese or English) and above for the time being, we do also evaluate other Operating Systems for RBS.
Q2. What OS do I need on my terminal to enjoy your RBS?
The following Operating Systems support our RBS:
- Windows 95/98/SE/ME/NT4.0 and Windows 2000 professional
- Macintosh OS 9 or above
Q3. Can I use another OS apart from Microsoft Windows for HGC's Residential Broadband Service?
While we do advise the use of Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/ NT 4.0, or Macintosh OS 9 for the time being. However, we do also evaluate other Operating Systems in the market.
Q4. What is RBS's transmission speed? Is the speed guaranteed?
Currently, HGC RBS provides speed up to 1Gbps*. As it is a dedicated bandwidth facility for individual users, the service is not affected by the number of users in the same building or area. However, speeds in accessing the Internet can vary due to a number of extraneous factors. These include bottlenecks suffered by the web server at the other end, who, for example, may not be able to deliver quality as high as 1Gbps*.
Q5. Does the bandwidth work on a shared basis? If more then one customer is using it, will the bandwidth be affected?
HGC RBS provides each individual user with up to 1Gbps* upstream and downstream bandwidth. Your bandwidth will not be affected by other customers.
Q6. Will I need a Broadband Card?
Yes, a LAN card.
Q7. Do you provide technical support?
Yes, you can call our 3Customer Service Hotline on 3166 3333 or use 3iChat for technical support. Our service team will make sure your enquiry is directed to the right person.
Q8. How can I confirm that I have installed my LAN card driver under Win 98 or ME?
Right click "My Computer" then choose "Properties", then "Device Manager" then "Network Card", then double click your left mouse button and make sure that there is no exclamation mark beside your network card.
Q9. How can I confirm that I have installed my LAN card driver under Win2000?
Right click "My Computer" then choose "Properties", then "Hardware", then "Device Manager" then "Network Card", then double click your left mouse button and make sure that there is no exclamation mark beside your network card.
Q10. How can I confirm that I have installed my LAN card driver under Win NT Workstation?
Right click "My Computer" then choose "Control Panel", then "Connect" and make sure that there is no exclamation mark beside your network card.
Q11. How can I change my PPPoE or mail password?
You may visit to change password.
Q12. How can I install TCP/IP?
Go to "Control Panel", then "Network", then "Add", then "Protocol". At manufacturer column highlight "Microsoft" then choose "TCP/IP" under network protocol, then click "OK" to start the installation.
Q13. How should I configure my "TCP/IP" settings?
For most cases, you should mark "Automatically Obtain an IP Address", while DNS settings should be "Automatically Obtain an DNS IP Address".
Q14. Does Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Services provide me with a real or virtual IP address?
We provide you with a real IP address.
Q15. Can I have a static IP?
We do not provide a static IP address currently.
Q16. If I want more than one IP address, what should I do?
We are sorry that only one IP address is provided to one HGC RBS account, excepting special service plans, such as multi-user plan.
Q17. Does RBS provide email services? If yes, what will my email address be? What is the storage capacity?
Our package includes email services. The address name will be The storage capacity is 10Mb.
Q18. Will the email service include SMTP and the POP server?
Yes, a simple email guide will provide you with the configuration. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol used for sending emails, while, POP (Post Office Protocol) is the Internet protocol used for receiving emails.
Q19. How to configure email account?
You may visit, and click "Customer Service", then "Technical Support" to the configuration guide.
Q20. Can the email service of HGC RBS be used under OUTLOOK EXPRESS?
Yes. Please visit and choose 'Customer Service> Technical Support' for details.
Q21.Apart from OUTLOOK EXPRESS , is there another way to login my HGC RBS email account?
You may visit to login your HGC RBS email account.
Q22.Can I login my HGC RBS email account anywhere?
ou may visit to login your HGC or threebb email account anywhere, so long as you can access World Wide Web there.
Q23. How can I create Login / E-mail Account for Webmail?
For customers using DHCP to connect internet, please visit and click "Create Account", or visit, then enter your Circuit ID and Authentication Code* to create account. For customers using PPPoE to connect internet, please visit, then enter your Circuit ID and Authentication Code* to create account.
* You may check your Circuit ID and Authentication Code in the " Installation Guide for 3Home Broadband Service " which our technician provided to you on the service installation day.
Q24. If I subscribe to RBS, will I be able to enjoy video conferencing and other interactive applications?
Yes. Our service also offers you a public IP address for interactive applications.
Q25. Is there any record or report that can list our on-line applications?
I'm afraid no such facility is available for the time being.
Q26. Will RBS be disconnected for any reason?
Not under normal circumstances, no. But not include monthly fee overdue.
Q27. What is Internet Roaming Services? Is Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Services provide those value added services?
Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Services provides Internet Roaming Services. We introduce Internet Roaming Services with iPassConnect that can satisfy your communications needs where-ever you are. From now on, whenever, you travel for business or leisure, you can connect International computer networks through your email account Login ID and Password, send or receive electronic mails. Currently, we cover more than 150 countries and 15,000 cities. You can keep in close contact with friends, relatives, business partners and clients anywhere in the world.
Q28. How to apply Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Internet Roaming Services? Any registration and installation fee?
For details, please visit "My VAS", then "HGC VAS Services", and click " Internet Roaming ".
Q29. What does the user file installed in my home PC do?
The user file helps to connect to the internet and assign public IP address.
Q30. Can I use ftp on HGC RBS?
Yes. For ftp access, our service uses the ftp passive mode.
Trouble Shooting
Q1. The LED of my LAN card is on, How come I still could not get online?
LAN card LED: Normal ?V green light, if you could not get online, restart your computer. If you still could not get online, please check whether your LAN card settings are correct. To check the settings, click "My Computer", then "Control Panel", then "System", then "Device Manager", then "Network Card". Highlight the network card that is attached to the broadband connection and check if an exclamation mark is shown. An exclamation mark represents there is a problem with the driver program. To fix the problem, double click the network card and choose "Update Driver Program" from the "Driver Program" section and click "Next". Choose the appropriate driver program and click "From Disk" and insert the corresponding diskette. Pick the right path and click "OK" to install the program.
Q2. I am using DHCP to connect internet, my Modem lights and LAN card lights are normal, how come I could not get online with Microsoft Windows? What should I do?
If you have tried to reset your Modem and reinstalled the driver program for your network card, please check out the settings for your Internet Explorer and try to update your IP address. For Internet Explorer, choose "Internet Options", then "Connections", then "Never Dial a Connection". From the "Local Network Setting", make sure "Proxy Server" is not marked. You can check your IP address by clicking "Start" menu, then "Run", then type "command" to start the DOS prompt. Type "ipconfig" to and check the IP setting of your LAN card. If the IP information shown is abnormal (begins with 169, etc.), get a new IP address and try again. To get a new IP address under Win2000, type "ipconfig /release" under DOS prompt then "ipconfig /renew".
Q3.I am using DHCP to connect internet, even though I have an IP address that starts with 169, I could not get online. What should I do?
Under Win2000, please click "Run" then enter command. At MS-DOS mode, please enter "ipconfig" to examine the IP address. If the address you find is an abnormal one, for instance, one that begins with 169, please obtain a new IP then try again. Under Windows, please enter "ipconfig /release" at MS-DOS mode, then enter "ipconfig /renew"
Q4. Why couldn't I login my email box?
Please note that your login ID is the one you registered for your email account. The whole account name comprises of both your login ID and or Your email account will not be working properly if you input only the information before
Q5. Can I check my monthly statement online?
Customer will be able to retrieve detailed billing information for the past 6 statements online upon login to and register to e-bill.
Q6. What does my download and upload speed be so slow?
It might be a problem with individual site. If it happens to all websites, please close all applications and your browser, then reset the Modem and restart the computer.
Q7. When I am surfing the net, the words "Detecting Proxy" appears and the page opens slowly. What should I do?
Please choose "Internet Option" under your IE's pull down menu then click "Connections", then "LAN Setting". Unmark "Proxy Server" and click "OK" then restart your browser to reflect changes.
Q8. I have just reinstalled my Windows and whenever I open the IE software, the connection wizard keeps popping up. What shall I do?
You don't need dial-up connection for Hutchison Global Communications Residential Broadband Services, you can remove this warning by clicking "Tools" under IE's pull down menu, then "Internet Options", then "Connections", then "Never Dial a Connection".
Q9. Why couldn't I get online after formatting my computer?
Reinstalled Windows, the LAN card driver and browser (e.g.Internet Explorer) then contact our 3Customer Service Hotline at 3166 3333.
Q10. I could not display Chinese or japanese characters with IE?
From IE's pull down menu, click "View", then "Encoding", then "Traditional Chinese" or "Japanese".
* The speed up to 1Gbps means the broadband speed between building terminal and user terminal. It is based on the network coverage and network construction of user's building.

3Customer Service Hotline: 3166 3333